The Plastic Research Centre of Wales

The Plastic Research Centre of Wales (PRC Wales) brings together a multidisciplinary group of academics, researchers, students and partners to investigate all aspects of plastic use, plastic pollution and plastic alternatives.

Based at Bangor University in North Wales, UK, PRC Wales is at the forefront of tackling one the planet’s greatest environmental issues: plastic waste and the overuse of single-use plastic. Whether that is identifying and mapping the movement of microplastics in seas and rivers; discovering new biodegradable food packaging; investigating the impacts of plastic particles on agriculture, ecological and human health; or understanding where plastic fits into consumer choices.

To provide a unique interdisciplinary approach to the plastic problem, the Plastic Research Centre of Wales takes advantage of the wide range of expertise and skills on offer across the many different teaching and research groups at Bangor University. While the multi-million pound, cutting-edge research facilities and equipment at the North Wales university ensure the highest quality research is conducted.